Mar 182013

Ahrax Point is at the extreme northeast of Malta and the dive site is north of the Adventure Campsite. There are surface caves with tunnels inside and entry is via a narrow inlet, varying from three to ten metres in depth. After a ten-minute snorkel, you can choose between a reef full of marine life and the underwater entrance to a large cave. There are cardinal and other fish, brightly coloured corals, red sponges etc. This is best visited through one of the diving centres or accompanied by someone with previous experience. The maximum dive depth is 25 metres.

Location of Site: 
Northwest of Rdum L-Ahmar

Type of Dive: 
Can be done from the shore but ideally as a boat dive.

Fairly sheltered from the south easterly wind.

Average Depth: 7 metres
Maximum Depth: 25 metres

Certification Required: 
BSAC Ocean Diver, PADI Open Water or equivalent.

The Dive: 
An entrance at 5 metres takes you to a small inland grotto open to daylight which makes this a popular site for photographers. The water temperature inside the grotto is often a few degrees higher then outside because it is land locked. This allows for increased marine growth, and one can note coral and an abundance of golden cup corals, false coral and many different types of tubeworm and starfish