Apr 152013

Wreck History :

The Imperial Eagle carried about 70 passengers and 10 cars. It made its maiden voyage in 1958 and was taken out of commission in 1968, her claim to fame being the sister ship to Jacques Cousteau’s ‘Calypso’. After about a 15 minute boat ride, you reach a buoy. Heading down the shot line to about 25 metres you can leave the line and swim across a valley to the wreck. Like so many of the wrecks in Malta, the Imperial Eagle sits upright on the sand looking absolutely fantastic. We toured right the way round her and through her corridors, ending up in what was the wheelhouse, of which only the wheel remains. We then left the wreck and swam through a small open cave along to a magnificent statue of Jesus Christ which was apparently blessed by Pope John Paul in 1990 and placed on the seabed to protect the fishermen of Malta. We saw a large shoal of amber jacks and a lone barracuda. At our 6 metre stop there were two baby triggerfish to amuse us.


Dive Site: The Imperial Eagle

Location: Just off Qawra Point, Malta

Description: Gozo Ferry

Length: 43 metres (141 feet)

Depth: 42 metres to the sea floor (138 feet)

Visibility: 20 metres (65 feet)