Dec 142012

The MV Karwela started her career in 1957 as M/S Frisia II.. In 1977 she was named the “Nordpaloma” and came to Malta in 1986. She did her duty for Comino Marina LTD till about 2002 under the present name MV Karwela.

She was scuttled on 12th August 2006, together with the MV Cominoland,  in ix Xatt L-Ahmar, Gozo to serve as an artificial reef for the visiting divers.

The Karwela measures 50.31 meter by 8.50 meter and was designed to carry 863 passengers.

The dive can be made from shore, but also by boat is very relaxing. The ship lays at an maximum depth of 39 meter at about 50 from shore. As the site is in the Gozo channel between Malta & Gozo, it is also easily visited by (boat) day trips from Malta.

The wrecks offers various opportunities for (safe) penetration as it was prepared to serve as a diving wreck. With its deck at around 23 meter, you will have ample time to discover the various features of this newest wreck in Malta!


Site : Off Xatt L’ Ahmar

Depth : 40Meters

Visibility: Good and an ideal diving site when wind is blowing from the North West

Certification Required: BSAC Sports Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent