HMS Stubborn – Qawra Point

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Mar 202013

The Dive: 
The HMS Stubborn was scuttled in April 1945 after she was hit from a depth charge and lost her tail fin. Stubborn has dived down to 166m exceeding the limit depth of 90m because of this she has damage the hull distortion. Royal Navy scuttled the sub for ASDIC target, training naval officers listening on sonar devices to detect the presence of submarines.

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The Arch – Cirkewwa

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Mar 182013

The Dive :

The Cirkewwa Arch is actually a cavern which has long since collapsed leaving this spectacular arch as a result. The arch stands just before the drop-off in a depth of 18 meters rising all the way up to 6 meter below the surface. Divers often start at the protective reef nearby which is full of algae and posidonia. Pelagic species such as Skipjacks, Amberjacks and Barracudas are often encountered patrolling the reef in search of their next prey. Continue reading »


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Mar 182013

The Dive:
Ideally dived from a boat but can also be dived from the shore. A shot line should be deployed if diving from a boat. Access from the shore is the same as for the Comino Land because the two wrecks are found in the same area about 100 metres apart. It is recommended that one snorkels for about 10 metres then the descent is made and the diver should swim out for about 60 metres to encounter the wreck.  Continue reading »