The Arch – Cirkewwa

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Mar 182013

The Dive :

The Cirkewwa Arch is actually a cavern which has long since collapsed leaving this spectacular arch as a result. The arch stands just before the drop-off in a depth of 18 meters rising all the way up to 6 meter below the surface. Divers often start at the protective reef nearby which is full of algae and posidonia. Pelagic species such as Skipjacks, Amberjacks and Barracudas are often encountered patrolling the reef in search of their next prey. Continue reading »


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Mar 182013

The dive: 
Your entry point will be from the valley by means of a giant stride entry. Here the seabed consists of rocks. Now you can either choose to take a route to the left or to the right. To the right there are caves and the wreck of the Um el Faroud and to the left it is a wall dive.  Continue reading »

Ahrax Point

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Mar 182013

Ahrax Point is at the extreme northeast of Malta and the dive site is north of the Adventure Campsite. There are surface caves with tunnels inside and entry is via a narrow inlet, varying from three to ten metres in depth. After a ten-minute snorkel, you can choose between a reef full of marine life and the underwater entrance to a large cave. There are cardinal and other fish, brightly coloured corals, red sponges etc. This is best visited through one of the diving centres or accompanied by someone with previous experience. The maximum dive depth is 25 metres.

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St Elmo Bay – HMS Maori

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Mar 052013

Wreck History: 

Malta’s most famous and historical wreck, this World War II destroyer was launched in 1937 and saw considerable action in her life, including valuable assistance with the defence of Malta. However, in 1942 she received a direct hit as a bomb exploded in her engine room whilst in the docks.

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