Mar 182013

The Dive :

The Cirkewwa Arch is actually a cavern which has long since collapsed leaving this spectacular arch as a result. The arch stands just before the drop-off in a depth of 18 meters rising all the way up to 6 meter below the surface. Divers often start at the protective reef nearby which is full of algae and posidonia. Pelagic species such as Skipjacks, Amberjacks and Barracudas are often encountered patrolling the reef in search of their next prey.


To the South of the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal

Type of Dive:
This is a shore dive, parking at the diver’s area of the ferry terminal. It is important to take your certification card which you must display on the dashboard of your vehicle.

When to dive:
It is dive able in most winds but not North Westerly winds greater than Force 3
Maximum Depth: 23 metres

Minimum Certification :
Open water or above..